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Save that work for the future!

This final point in the section on Modelling is essentially a reminder to collate, curate and re-use the excellent examples of work, models and student outcomes that we witness year after year. If there is something we think could provide the perfect inspiration then document and archive it for the future, if we are short on space for hard copies/large pieces of artwork/students products then simply take a photo and add it to a scheme of learning folder with lesson resources/store video recording of a performance piece. Too often classrooms will amass lots of ‘stuff’ and then we will have a cleanse of all that is within it, and lose some gems in the process.

Ideally our curriculum plans would have a blend of teacher made, student made, and real world models to reduce workload for the future but also because they were just that good to reuse time and time again.

Some tips for archiving exemplar models:
  • Take photographs and store files on appropriate online Cloud storage areas or school shared drives such as Google Drive so all teachers can make use of them. Add them to schemes of learning/hyperlink them so teachers know where to find them.
  • Talk about and share them in Department/Faculty time – as part of T&L ‘Show and Tell’ sessions.
  • Use some of the excellent student examples to create displays that function as teaching and learning resources.
  • Create a bank of benchmark work that is used for your own standardisation and moderation activity with teachers in your team. These can also be used to support learners with their understanding of success criteria and grade standards become more tangible.
  • Collaborate with other schools to share and compare excellent work with them.
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Collate, curate and re-use – and even challenge current students to go one better than those in the past!

Associated further reading and references:

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