BBBB and Steps to Success

As part of a T&L focused Twilight in March of 2020 we looked at introducing and trialling two new display/learning mat style resources, in order to promote challenge and independence. This is outlined below for staff to use as a source of information and a recap of the session.

The intention was to explore a means to:

  • Provide a school-wide common language, to encourage learners to ‘keep at it’. and see things through a little more.
  • Avoid being task specific – so teachers retain the freedom to plan and deliver tasks that the resources could still support.
  • Incorporate priorities relevant to the school.
Resource One – Brain, Book, Buddy, Boss (for wall displays)
BBBB Poster Display

The display was professionally printed, however a copy of the file can be downloaded below. In summary the points discussed around this resource were:

  • A wall display for every learning space – prominent position / front of class / next to boards
  • Use as a prompt, when appropriate, to counter “I don’t know”/”I can’t”
  • Brain: includes to think about what you already have been told, can see on the on the board etc.
  • Book: includes looking back at notes, or any other help material you might provide
  • BBBB does not replace you as the expert (important) and sometimes you are needed!
  • Can be used to promote and increase challenge through resilience
  • Could even be used as an assessment tool:
Resource Two – Steps to Success support mat (sets for classrooms)
Steps to Success support mat – with thanks and credit to Bryn Celynnog Comprehensive School for the inspiration (see their ‘Solution Seeker’ tool).

As with the above, this resource was printed professionally, however a copy of the image can be downloaded below. In summary the points discussed around this resource were:

  • A learning mat and support tool for classrooms (keep a class set as part of your toolkit)
  • Encourages pupils to actively consider their approach to forming a response to a question or task, supporting and challenging them throughout
  • Does not have to be for written work
  • Will unlikely be used every lesson, but more so when you want pupils to consider and craft out a piece of work and, over time, ‘train’ them to get better at doing this automatically
  • Provides prompts and discussion points to support your classroom dialogue with, and immediate feedback to, pupils

Thanks also to MACS’ James Donovan for supporting with the design and graphic work!

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